Intereko Energia Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2013. The team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the waste management industry. The core of the company's activity is waste management, with a guarantee of reliability and timely execution of tasks entrusted to us. From the very beginning, we were focused on demanding waste producers, to whom we address our tailor-made, innovative and comprehensive offers. We are constantly developing in response to the needs of our contractors.

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From the beginning, our development aims to show and promote waste management through recycling and energy recovery.
The complexity of our services in the field of waste management consists of:

  • Conducting an initial audit / site visit
  • Advising and developing of waste management plans
  • Providing all necessary equipment for waste storage
  • Implementation of a waste management systems
  • Keeping records and reporting (BDO)
  • We also provide consulting services (ecological and technological). We cooperate with a wide range of experts from scientific and research background to develop individualised projects aimed at solving problems in the field of environmental protection and waste management.


We implement local and foreign projects, including initiatives related to the treatment of sediments in the bottom of water reservoirs, soil neutralisation in railway areas and airports, landfill reclamation and cleaning of sedimentation tanks.

In 2018, we participated in the preparation of projects for cities outside of Europe. We developed a local landfill liquidation program and proposed a complete waste management system for African and Asian countries.

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We currently have a fleet of new, ecological (Euro 6) trucks for transporting waste with a hook-type body and walking floor. The vehicles have all the permits required by law and monitoring systems for the transport of waste, including hazardous waste (ADR). The growing interest in our services means that we also use proven subcontracting companies in the field of transport.

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From October 2020, we can admire the panorama of Łódź every day. We moved to the tallest skyscraper in the city - Textilimpex.

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Our strengths:

  • many years of experience and vast knowledge
  • building lasting relationships with our clients
  • offering unconventional solutions
  • the quality of our services is our priority
  • we are transparent
  • we like challenges
  • we operate quickly and efficiently