It is a mobile unit that serves to cleans the soil of hazardous substances - the hydrocarbon fraction. Purification takes place in the reactor, thanks to the use of a heating mantle, the entire process is energy-efficient. The CLC 5000 unit is well suited for the remediation of industrial contaminated soils.

Parameter Value
Capacity 3-5 Mg/h
Power consumption 47 kW
Power Supply voltage 400 V
Power of gas burners 2 x 350 kW (modulating gas)
Gas consumption GZ5 30 - 60 m³/h *
Water consumption for the cooling system 300 - 1000 l **
Volume of hydrocarbon fraction in the dried fraction 0%
Water volume in the dried fraction 0,5%
Media required for work:
Electricity 3x400V
Water connection 1,5" at pressure 3 bars

(*) depends on the degree of hydration of the sediment
(**) the cooling water works in a closed circuit. Required topping up of corresponding water in the cooler ??? depends on climatic conditions (air temperature and air humidity)