Purification of pyrolysis gas


This patented technology and installation for gas purification, was developed for the needs of the anaerobic gasification of polysaccharides, mainly straw. The gases generated in the installation (CO, CH4, H2, CO2 i N2) after cleaning, serve as a source of electricity and heat released in cogeneration modules containing gas engines coupled with electricity generators.

Production of synthetic sand

piaski wstępnie

This patented, innovative technology of merging sands without the use of cement allows for the production of synthetic sandstones, mirroring natural ones. What's more, this technology can also be used on a larger scale, e.g. to stabilise sandy substrates for roads, for stabilisation of dunes, etc.

Consolidation of ashes and filtration waste


This innovative technology enables the integration of final products of thermal municipal and industrial waste disposal into solid blocks, resistant to water and other environmental factors. This type of storage form prevents penetration from the lumps into the environment of various toxic, harmful and noxious substances such as heavy metals, chloride, sulphate, nitrates, etc. The combined waste may have a variety of further technological applications, and the most dangerous can be safe storage in bunkers.

Removal of CO2


This innovative concept in form of know-how, concentrates on management of carbon dioxide produced as waste. After isolating CO2, it is then converted into C i O2  with the use of unconventional energy sources such as HTR nuclear reactors, photovoltaics, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants or power plants that uses tidal waves.