INTEREKO ENERGIA South Sudan , a new form of cooperation which, acting in accordance with the SDG, will build a sustainable reality. Its new model of ecological transformation, consistent with the 2030 Agenda, will create opportunities for linking strategic directions of various development in many areas to shape a sustainable future in South Sudan. The task of INTEREKO ENERGIA South Sudan is to create effective links and launch cooperation between socio-economic partners, research environments and local stakeholders.

INTEREKO ENERGIA South Sudan intends to tackle the encountered challenges by initiating a real transfer of technology, knowledge and know-how as well as effective implementation of research concepts and consequently, commercialize the obtained results on a science-economy line.

As a result of this synergy, we will unlock the entire value chain to increase the impact on sustainability.

The Nile Economic Zone Corporation LLC was established to create ideal investment conditions in South Sudan. It supports Sustainable Development Goals and projects to raise the south Sudanese citizens’ standard of living through the development of entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Regardless of the latest global challenges and unprecedented situations, our team has persevered in its quest for continuous development and nurturing partnerships.

We believe that sustainability is right and responsible as a philosophy. Real effects and positive impacts of our actions are felt in our surroundings.

We want to protect local communities from deteriorating environmental conditions through sustainable consumption and production, sustainable management of natural resources and taking urgent measures to fight climate change, while supporting the needs of present and future generations.

Blue Valley has become a strategic partner for Intereko Energia to co-develop waste management projects in the Middle East and Africa. Our interests include municipal waste management as well as comprehensive post-industrial waste management.

In September 2022, Intereko Energia became a partner of the USCGD to jointly implement waste management and environmental projects.

The United States Council for Global Development (USCGD) is a consulting group based in Washington DC. The USCGD works at the government level to provide comprehensive, growth-oriented solutions to problems that exist in all countries around the world. USCGD can provide turnkey solutions, from problem solving, planning and procurement to financing and project management.

STP Energy & Solutions was founded in 2017 and is a Sao Tome registered company with offices in Sao Tome and Washington DC, United States. STP Energy & Solutions provides consultation and advocacy services in the areas of energy, healthcare, infrastructure, housing and mining.

Since 2022, together with Intereko Energia, it has been working in the field of sustainable development and waste management.

The UNASDG | Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals IGO has been founded in June 2019, during the SDG Champions Conference in Helsinki, Finland. The aim of the UNASDG IGO is to support the implementation of the SDGs worldwide by monitoring, advising and supporting project partners, capital fonds, governments and other related parties reaching their aims in relation to the 17 Goals with 169 targets.

In October 2021, Intereko Energia become a technical partner for UNASDG to implement projects in Africa and the Middle East!