On 8 June 2022, Intereko Energia was honoured with the Made in Poland award for its services

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Audit / Site Visits

Zdj - audyt 2

During audit, the analysis of entire waste management in a given company will be performed. Performed audit at the location will allow to determine whether the activity is conducted in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations, or it will indicate what should be improved to comply with applicable law. Audit will facilitate the introduction of appropriate procedures and control mechanism of the entire environmental management system. The entire process will allow to optimise the activities and costs in the enterprise.



We offer professional advisory services in the field waste management such as expertise opinions , case analysis studies and environmental impact assessments. Based on the experience of our specialists, we prepare individualised waste management systems.

Records and reporting - BDO

Prowadzeniu ewidencji i sprawozdawczości (BDO)

We offer service of keeping records and reporting in the BDO database. We prepare all necessary and required records and reports.

Implementation of waste management

Wdrożeniu (odbiór) systemu gospodarowania odpadami.

We implement individual solutions for our clients, tailored to their needs and specification of the company. We provide all the necessary equipment to operate the waste management system, as well as to collect it - using a modern and environmentally friendly fleet.

Project management - PRINCE2


Our offer includes project management in accordance with the PRINCE2 methodology known all over the world.