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We support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals described by the 2030 Agenda.

Eko bez tła


As Intereko Energia, we have been solving problems related to waste since 2013. Our individual approach to the client allows us to create an offer ideally suited to your needs. Many years of experience and gained knowledge allows us for comprehensive and innovative management of your waste. We guarantee full transparency, which means that you know exactly what is happening with your waste from the moment it is handed over to us until it reaches the final utilisation point. We perform our tasks reliably and on time, which results in security and comfort to our customers.

A new issue that we offer is designing modern technological solutions, that can be used around the world in the processing of various types of waste. Our main goal is to manage waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Positive opinions of our contractors and their satisfaction with the services we provide, motivates us to push our work further. Our goals are appreciated by an excellent group of organizations in business and educational, in the field of environmental protection, as evidenced by the awards and certificates that we receive.

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